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Carbon tax biggest contributor to over 15% surge in electricity prices

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Media Release The Hon Greg Hunt MP Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage Thursday 18 October 2012 CARBON TAX BIGGEST CONTRIBUTOR TO OVER 15% SURGE IN ELECTRICITY PRICES Today’s higher than expected 1.4% CPI rise has largely come as a result of the jump in electricity price rises since the Carbon Tax was introduced on July 1. The ABS has found the largest price increases since the last CPI figures were released were electricity prices which have seen a 15.3% rise with household gas and miscellaneous fuels seeing a 14.2% rise. Since this Government has been elected, electricity prices in Australia have risen a staggering 89%. Adding a Carbon Tax is making a bad situation much, much worse. The Government’s arrogance towards the pressures facing everyday Australians is on display and shows the Government simply does not get it. Electricity prices, according to the Government’s own statistics bureau have soared over 15% since 1 July and that figure is only going to go up and up. Every time you turn on the kettle, open the fridge, turn on the light, switch on the TV you will be paying the Carbon Tax. These figures clearly show the impact the Carbon Tax is having on everyone across Australia. The things people need most like electricity, gas, education, rent, childcare and water are rising hitting the hip pockets of families, businesses, seniors and pensioners. Media contact: Wendy Black 0418 532 534