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DETYA close to the brink.

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Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate

Labor’s Parliamentary Secretary for Education




The Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs is close to rock bottom following successive bu dget cuts and the hiving off of key portfolios, Labor Senator Kim Carr claimed today.


Senate Estimates heard that the Department had been shrunk to 1300 staff, a reduction of over 14,000 personnel since March 1996.


“Administration in DETYA has deteriorated to such an extent that the Department is unable to answer basic questions about its Annual Report.


“It is an absolute disgrace that the Department no longer has staffing capacity to answer a question relating to million dollar advertising contracts listed in its own annual report.” Senator Carr said.


DETYA no longer has its own mainframe computer system located in the Department and instead must rely on another department for this essential service.


“The fact that consultancies for 1997.98 have blown out from an estimated $7.6 million in May 1998 to $11.8 million in the Annual Report is a clear sign that DETYA no longer has the staffing capacity to meet its obligations.


“Under the Coalition Government, this Department, has been buffeted by one administrative bungle after another.


“Instead of Dr Kemp fixing the problem, he has allowed his Department, which is responsible for the nations education and training needs, to lose every significant portfolio restructure and funding battle that has been forced upon it.” Senator Carr said.


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