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Garnaut's global analysis forgets China: local analysis points to forest protection.

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Garnaut's global analysis forgets China; Local analysis points to forest protection

Hobart, Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Professor Garnaut has wrongly assessed China and India's perspective on a global greenhouse gas emissions deal, Australian Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown said today. However, the Professor also points the way to fast, cheap and easy emissions reductions from protecting forests.

Chinese Premier Hu Jintao and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh used July's G8 summit in Japan to call for rich nations to cut their emissions by 45% by 2012 and 95% by 2050 in order to give poorer nations room to develop.

"Any global climate agreement must bring China and India on board, but they will simply not sign up to a deal which sees Australia, the USA and other rich countries take on weak targets," Senator Brown said.

"Professor Garnaut ignores this clear stance by the two most populous countries in the world to focus only on his belief that the USA will not sign up to deal with strong targets.

"It is ironic that analysis of China's contribution to climate change often ignores both its efforts to reduce emissions and its role in the global negotiations. China will simply not let Australia, the USA and other rich polluters get away with weak targets. Garnaut's 10% offer will be dismissed at the outset in Copenhagen next year."

Professor Garnaut also points the way for Prime Minister Rudd and Climate Change Minister Penny Wong to achieve huge, cheap and fast emissions reductions simply by protecting standing forests, Senator Brown said.

"Professor Garnaut notes that protecting and nurturing our 'conservation' native forest carbon stores will save 136 megatonnes of CO2 a year. [Table 22.2]

"This potential saving from forest protection is not far below the 198 megatonnes emitted by electricity generation in Australia, and is triple the 42 megatonnes from Australia's entire fleet of passenger cars," Senator Brown said.

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