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Don't risk US style oil spill next World Ocean Day: Greens.

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Rachel Siewert  Australian Greens  Media Release 

Don't risk US style oil spill next World Ocean Day: Greens

Media Release | Spokesperson Rachel Siewert

Australian Greens marine spokesperson, Senator Rachel Siewert says today’s celebration of

World Ocean Day is a timely reminder that WA’s coastline and marine environment remain

largely unprotected from oil spills like the one occurring off the US coast.

The call comes as scientists continue to learn more about WA’s marine environment and

develop better protection policies for our unique marine and coastal biodiversity, which

would be severely endangered in the event of a US-style oil spill.

"While President Obama stays in the US to see through the oil spill crisis, the Australian

Government remains gung-ho about the safety of our oceans," said Senator Siewert.

"The US is taking very serious action in light of the current disaster, yet the Australian

Government has just released new areas for exploration knowing of the disaster in the US,

knowing our regulations and compliance system needs fixing, knowing that important areas

of marine biodiversity aren't protected by marine sanctuaries.

"The most immediate question is: can the Government guarantee that all the wells in

Australia are safe?

"The same company - Halliburton - is reported as having done the cementing work on both

the US Deepwater Horizon well and the Australian Montara well, which caught fire and

spilled oil off the north coast of Western Australia.

"What is the Australian Government doing to check other wells worked on by this company?

"Licences for deep water oil exploration, particularly in areas off Margaret River in WA and

South Australia, should be rescinded immediately in light of government and oil company

inability to bring spills under control,” Senator Siewert concluded.