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Garrett's green loan shambles: not one single loan has been approved.

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Christine Milne Garrett's green loan shambles: Not one single loan has been approved Media Release | Spokesperson Christine Milne

Tuesday 15th September 2009, 4:02pm

in Climate Change & the Zero Carbon World Energy Efficiency

The Rudd Government's much-touted Green Loans Program is a shambles which must be urgently fixed, the

Australian Greens said today.

In Senate Question Time today, Minister Wong had no explanation for the fact that not one single green loan has

been approved even though some 25,000 home energy assessments have been completed in the three months

since the scheme finally began.

"This important program has to be urgently fixed so that Australian householders can access green loans and

small businesses can get off the ground," Senator Milne said.

"The Green Loans Program was a 2007 election promise that, after many delays, was supposed to begin in

January this year.

"In the three months since it finally began in July, some 25,000 home assessments have been completed and still

no green loans have been approved.

"The Government promised a 10 day turn around for assessment reports needed to secure these loans, not 10

weeks or 10 months.

"I understand that a serious software failure has stopped the reports needed to facilitate the loans from being

issued. If that problem has not already been fixed, it must be as soon as possible.

"The Government is treating the 800 accredited assessors with contempt, leaving many of them waiting for

payment well beyond the 30 day period stipulated in their contracts and making them hang on the phone for long

periods because the promised online booking form has not materialised.

"What about these working families, Mr Rudd?

"I am deeply concerned that many of the 25,000 households whose green loans have not materialised may have

lost deposits because they have waited so long. The Government must commit to reimbursing anyone who has

lost a deposit because of the Government's stuff-up."

Minister Garrett must urgently fix the Green Loans Program by:

• Generating the 25,000 Home Assessment Reports needed to trigger the loans;

• Fixing the software to ensure the program can be delivered with a 10 day turn around from home assessment to

generated report;

• Delivering the online booking function as promised;

• Paying the assessors within 30 days as promised;

• Reimbursing any householders who have lost deposits because the report they needed to trigger the loan has

not materialised.

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