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Minister thanks stakeholders for submissions to the Bradley Review.

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The Hon Julia Gillard MP

Minister for Education. Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Minister for Social Inclusion. Deputy Prime Minister 01 August, 2008

Media Release

Minister thanks stakeholders for submissions to the Bradley Review

The Acting Minister for Education, Brendan O’Connor, today thanked organisations and individuals for their

submissions and for being part of the Bradley Review.

The Rudd Government’s Review of Higher Education received a total of 257 submissions by the closing date

yesterday, following the release of a discussion paper last month.

The Review, whose expert panel is chaired by Emeritus Professor Denise Bradley AC, joined by Mr Peter

Noonan, Dr Helen Nugent AO and Mr Bill Scales AO, now has the task of developing a blueprint for the future

of the higher education sector.

It will report on the sector’s capacity to meet the needs of Australian society and the national economy, and

the options available for ongoing reform.

It will place higher education in a central role in helping to create an innovative and productive Australia over

the coming decade.

Higher education is fundamental to the Rudd Government's Education Revolution. The Government is

determined to ensure Australia's higher education system is world class, equitable and that it makes a major

contribution to meeting the nation's long-term skills needs.

The Rudd Government has already promised to double the number of Commonwealth Scholarships from

44,000 to 88,000 for undergraduate students by 2012, benefiting those most in need.

As part of the Education Revolution, the Rudd Government will deliver on its long standing commitment to

phase out full fee paying degrees, adequately compensating Universities.

The Rudd Government is phasing out full fee degrees because we think entry into our public universities

should be based on merit, not ability to pay.

The Rudd Government wants to make sure that young Australians have the skills to make Australia a more

productive and prosperous nation.

The Review will provide a final report to the Government by the end of the year. All submissions received by

the Review will be available online from Friday next week.

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