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Labor's lies in education smear campaign exposed

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MEDIA RELEASE Labor’s lies in education smear campaign exposed

It is no surprise to Australians that Labor intends to lie its way back into office, with Labor Members issuing pamphlets full of lies and untruths on the Coalition’s plans in education.

“These election materials contain no sources or direct quotes from any Coalition Member, but simply make assertions which are baseless and false,” said the Shadow Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne.

“The Federal Labor Government told all Australians before the last election that there would be no carbon tax,” Mr Pyne said.

“Now it seems they are engaged in an education smear campaign against the Coalition in a desperate attempt to fool Australians into giving them another three years in Government,” he said.

“The Coalition will issue a pamphlet refuting lies in every seat where it is discovered Labor’s education smear campaign is underway.

“Australians are sick and tired of Labor’s dishonesty. The Prime Minister claims Labor will spend billions more in education at the same time as delivering a budget surplus, cutting spending and funding $120 billion of new spending commitments, but no one is fooled.

“The Coalition has committed to the current funding model that will deliver on average $6.5 billion in new funding to government and non-government schools over the next four years, a relentless focus on teacher quality and training, a robust curriculum and principal autonomy.

“Schools, parents and teachers need certainty and only the Coalition can be trusted to deliver it,” Mr Pyne said.

October 3, 2012

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