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Combet's scramble to cover up on car industry

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Shadow Minister for Industry Sophie Mirabella

Combet’s scramble to cover up on car industry


Industry Minister Greg Combet must come clean on the Australian car industry’s funding and chances of survival following the accidental release by the Industry Department of ‘explosive’ documents to the Australian Financial Review.

“Mr Combet must spell out what the government’s assessment is of the Australian car industry’s prospects for long-term survival,” said Sophie Mirabella, Shadow Minister for Industry, today.

“Mr Combet must also explain why this information is being kept secret and why he won’t be upfront and honest with the Australian taxpayers whose billions are being spent to support the car industry.

“Today’s revelations confirm again that Mr Combet is handing over money without seriously questioning or analysing the benefit to the broader economy of those subsidies,” said Mrs Mirabella.

The Coalition has repeatedly demonstrated through the Senate Estimates process that billions of dollars have been spent on the car industry by Labor without definitive commitments being obtained in return about productivity improvements and the preservation of jobs in Australia.

“Today’s reports confirm all that the Coalition has said about the government lacking transparency and being sneaky with the Australian people about what their billions of dollars are being spent on,” Mrs Mirabella said.

“Secrecy has reached a farcical level when even the transcript of a ministerial speech is being withheld from the media.

“What has Minister Combet got to hide and why won’t he tell the Australian taxpayers what he knows about the car industry’s future?

“Australian taxpayers have a right to know how billions of dollars of their money are being spent,” Mrs Mirabella concluded.