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Greens call for inquiry into industry rorting of 'cash for containers' schemes

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Greens call for inquiry into industry rorting of ‘cash for containers’ schemes Australian Greens senators Scott Ludlam and Peter Whish-Wilson. 13 September 2012.

The Australian Greens have called for a Senate inquiry into beverage industry profiteering in container deposit schemes operating in the Northern Territory and South Australia.

“There is evidence that beverage industry control of container deposit schemes has led to the cynical exploitation of otherwise excellent systems,” said Senator Scott Ludlam. “A Senate inquiry is necessary to establish the extent to which the beverage industry is inflating and pocketing handling fees and keeping unredeemed deposits in the Northern Territory and South Australian cash for container schemes.

“Decision makers and the general public need to know the truth of what these companies are doing.”

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said he had personally dealt with the consequences of excessive container waste.

“For the past eight or nine years I have worked on beach-cleaning projects and have seen the negative environmental impacts of marine debris, such as plastic beverage containers.

“Recent evidence shows South Australia has the best beverage container recycling rates in the country and the cleanest beaches because it has had a container deposit system for almost forty years.”

The Greens will also refer the anti-recycling advertising campaign of the Australian Food and Grocery Council to the ACCC.

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