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Melbourne Galaxy poll backs Greens on refugees

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Adam Bandt MP Acting Leader, Australian Greens Federal Member for Melbourne

24 July 2012

Melbourne Galaxy poll backs Greens on refugees

Greens Acting Leader Adam Bandt has released polling of the Federal electorate of Melbourne showing strong support for the Greens’ stance on refugee policy.

The poll shows people in Melbourne do not want the Greens to vote for the government’s Malaysia people swap policy and want Parliamentarians to work on a different solution. The Coalition’s policy of sending people to Nauru was also rejected. Fifty-eight percent of the electorate supported a post-Vietnam war style regional solution, as advocated by the Greens.

Over 80% of people supported helping refugees by bringing them to Australia and rejected sending them “offshore”. A majority of voters also said that Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard had the same policy on refugees and that they were playing to racism and xenophobia by sending refugees offshore.

“Across the political spectrum, there is clearly very strong support in my electorate for the Greens stance on refugees,” Mr Bandt said.

“As I continue to work towards a cross-party solution in meetings today, it is great to know that the Greens approach has the backing of my electorate.”

“People want to see politicians working together and they like the post-Vietnam War style solution that the Greens have put on the table.”

“It is also clear that my electorate strongly supports the stance we have taken in opposing Labor’s Malaysia solution and Tony Abott’s plan to reopen Nauru.”

“We will continue to work for a New Regional Plan of Action that will save lives and uphold international law.”

The Greens have outlined a New Regional Plan of Action in a submission to the Expert Panel. It includes processing and taking more refugees from camps in places like Indonesia and Malaysia, removing the incentive for people to get on boats. It is similar to the plan adopted by Malcolm Fraser in the years after the Vietnam War.

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The Australian Greens

July 2012

Melbourne Poll


 This is the second poll to be administered in the federal electorate of Melbourne.

 The initial poll was administered in September 2011 and this latest poll was conducted between Friday 13 July

and Monday 16 July, 2012.

 The sample comprises 400 voters, distributed throughout the electorate. Quotas based on age, gender and

postcode were applied to ensure that the sample composition reflects the population.

 Interviews were conducted using CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing) with telephone numbers

randomly selected from the electronic White Pages. All interviewers were personally trained and briefed on the

requirements of the study.

 Following the completion of interviewing, the data was weighted by postcode, age and gender to reflect the

latest ABS population estimates.

Agree/ disagree with statement

Agree Disagree Uncommitted

% % %

Helping refugees fleeing persecution by bringing them to

Australia is the right thing to do

86 11 3

Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard basically have the same policy on

refugees ‐ which is to avoid bringing them to Australia

59 36 5

Australia should respect international law, and if that means we

care for refugees in Australia rather than ‘offshore’, then that is

the right thing to do

84 13 3

By pushing refugees offshore to be processed anywhere but

here, Gillard and Abbott are playing to racism and xenophobia

50 47 3

Greens vote for Malaysia deal or find a different solution



Vote with Labor 15

Find different solution 78

Uncommitted 6

Option to make refugees less likely to risk lives on boats



Send new arrivals to Malaysia for processing


Send new arrivals to Nauru for processing


A post-Vietnam war style solution where we

process refugees in camps in the region before

resettling them in Australia




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