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Proof of pudding in the Mabo claims

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Ian McLachlan

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and National Dev elopment


The proof of the effect of Native Title legislation on pastoral leases will lie in the outcome of the myriad of claims lodged during the past six months by Aboriginal groups, the Shadow Minister for National Development Ian McLachlan said today.

'There are . currently claims for native title on an area of land the size of Queensland and none of them have yet been withdrawn despite the Prime Minister's promises to Aboriginals.

'In South Australia, the Arabunna claim includes 15 pastoral properties as we ll as some areas of national parks and lakes and I will watch with interest to see whether this claim in particular is now withdrawn.

'It will also be interesting to watch for new investment in mining ventures, both in Australia and overseas.

'And watch out for bids at the auctions of pastoral properties, particularly in Western Australia where the legislation is likely to be particularly inhibiting to new investment.'

Mr McLachlan said he remained of the view that the Native Title legislation would eventually have to be repealed.

'It is an unworkable piece of legislation, filled with political entanglements and I have no doubt that Australian voters will agree when they are given the choice.

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Ian McLachlan, MICAH

Shadow Minister for National Development Telephone: 08 2377140.

22 December, 1993.

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