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Zapopan an export winner

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N E W S • R E L E A S E

DPIE/6GR 20 January 1993


The Federal Minister for Resources, Alan Griffiths, said today that Commonwealth approval for a major gold mining project at Mt Todd in the Northern Territory signalled another $80 million in Australia's export bag.

"In recent times there have been announcements of substantial new investments to be made at McArthur River (lead/zinc), Marandoo (iron ore), Crinum (coal), and North Parkes (copper).

"All, when in production, will substantially boost the nation's export income, employment prospects and national income. Mt Todd can now be added to this list," Mr Griffiths said.

"Mt Todd will proceed not only because it is a fair-sized resource, but also because Zapopan NL was able to make use of the Commonwealth's capacity to steered major projects through the assessment process. The Commonwealth has acted to ensure that the project met required standards of environmental management and rehabilitation.

"Importantly, the management plan of the company will ensure the preservation of the breeding grounds of the Gouldian Finch. This is a top example of how a major development can be managed to maintain the integrity of an important area," the Minister said.

"The good will and hard work displayed by the Jawoyn Association, the Territory Government and the company have, in addition, put paid to the claims of extreme elements that development will be impossible given the Mabo decision.

"The decision to proceed is a credit to all parties involved in the process - and the clear winner is Australia."

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