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APPM export licence

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N E W S • R E L E A. S E


DPIE93/8GR 22 January 1993

The Federal Minister for Resources, Alan Griffiths, said today that he will grant an interim pine log export licence for APPM Forest Products, while a possible breach of the Export Control Act (1982) by the company is investigated by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Mr Griffiths said his preparedness to grant an interim licence was also conditional upon APPM providing him with a full account of the prospects for processing of the pine logs in Tasmania and the company's assurances that they will tighten up their export

procedures to prevent a recurrence of this incident.

Mr Griffiths agreed to the interim measure following a meeting with APPM when the company reassured him that it was not the intention. of the company to deliberately break the laws of the Commonwealth and that it accepts that if a breach has occurred then due process

must follow.

Mr Griffiths said "I am pleased APPM has now decided to take a rational approach to this issue."

"As the Minister responsible for the admire stration of export controls over the . Australia's resources sector, I will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour by any company regarding the export of goods

subject to the Export Control Act."

"The laws of the Commonwealth must be upheld and I have consistently applied a firm, but fair, approach to the administration of export controls over commodity exports in Australia's resources


The interim licence will allow APPM to export pine logs until the end of April. The licence will allow the export of up to 35,000 cubic metres of sawlog and up to 35,000 cubic metres of pulplog.

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