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Coalition announces sugar packages

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R x... Ian McLachlan Y . 1 >t >A A iti-, 9itr t5 tiX RfE n __------w ---- --------- ------------________________ Shadow Minister Mitsiste r for Indusfiy and Co mm erceMEDIA BACKGROUNDER ATTACHED ... MEDIA BACKGROUNDER ATTACHED...COALITION ANNOUNCES SUGAR PACKAGEA policy package for Austra lia's sugar industry was announced jointly today by the ShadowMinister for Industry and Commerce Ian McLachlan and the Shadow Minister for Primary Industry Bruce Lloyd.The package, approved this morning by the Shadow Cabinet, encompasses a number ofelements. Representatives of the industry - growers, millers and processors -- have been consulted as pa rt of the policy formulation.Mr McLachlan and Mr Lloyd said they were reassured by the canegrowers' announcement thatthe package was 'at least equal' to the policy announced two weeks ago by the Labor Party,The major elements of the po licy are:1. The tariff remains at $55 per tonne for the 1993 and '94 seasons.2. All sugar tari ffs, will be frozen at $15 per tonne (5%) from the 1995 season to the year 2000, bringing forward the benefits of lower tariffs and prices,3. A tari ff capitalisation grant paid as five annual payments totalling $84 million, tocompensate growers and millers, as compensation for the reducing tariffs.4. An end to the pooling price differential, with compensation payments made to holders ofthe number one entitlements for the decline in asset values amounting to $41.5 million,5. A $23 million infrastructure package, $20 million of which would be spent in Queenslandon a matching basis with the Queensland government, and $3 million for New South Wales.Acquisition and single desk ' seller arrangements for domestic and export markets will continueto be controlled by Queensland State legislation. The Coalition supports the transfer of bulk terminals to industry ownership.'The tariff capitalisation grant, the number one pool asset co mpensation, and the infrastructure funding, will provide an enormous boost to those now in the industry to restructure and expand,'Although the tari ff capitalisation grant payments wi ll now be made by the Australian taxpayer and not by sugar using manufacturers and consumers, in the end, the wholecommunity will benefit from lower industry costs and therefore lower prices.COMMONWEALTHPARLIAMENTARY LISRARYMICAH


'The election of a Coalition government wi ll result in an expanded cane growing and sugar

mil ling industry with greater opportunities for young and innovative growers, the removal of impediments to sugar industry development, and most importantly, lower costs for industry users, and the community.

'There are also the added benefits to sma ll towns from expanded m ills, and sugar growing areas which will be of great advantage to those local communities and to the economies of rural. Queensland and New South Wales.

Further information: Ian McLachlan, Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce, Ph: 082377140, Bruce Lloyd, Shadow Minister for Primary Industry, Ph: 062774074. 15 February, 1993.