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ALP propaganda a threat to our car industry

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Ian McLachlan

Shadow Minister for -rzdus ,ry and Commerce



Sales of Australian cars are being damaged by a Labor Party television commercial and pamphlet which says that 50,000 jobs will go in the South Australian car industry, the Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce Ian McLachlan said today.

The commercial and pamphlet quite wrongly suggest that the industry would close down, despite public assurances by Mitsubishi's Managing Director Mike Quinn and GHM's General Manager Ray Grigg, that their Companies will continue.

'The material suggests that the Coalition has a zero tariff which it does not, and independent analysis shows that the car companies will be better off under a Coalition government and that cars will be cheaper to buy and run.

'Mr Quinn said on Wednesday that he was confident they have the ability to continue as a manufacturer in Australia.

'General Motors has always said. it is staying.

Three things occur as a result of the Labor Party's irresponsible actions:

1. Australian made car sales plummet which happens every time car companies get bad publicity,

2. Other companies and manufacturers in the industry are severely damaged.

3. People working in . the industry are unnecessarily distressed by what are blatant untruths.

'The Labor Party propaganda is damaging the Australian car industry.

'If you doubt us, why don't you ring up and ask Mitsubishi.'

Further information:

Ian .McLachlan, -

Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce Telephone: 08 2377140.

21 February, 1993.