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Statement by the Prime Minister [second Keating Ministry]

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The swearing in of the second Keating Ministry will take place at 10.30 am today, Wednesday 24 March. I am pleased to announce the composition of the ministry which I will be recommending to the Governor-General.

The complete list of the ministry, with details of representation of ministers in the other chamber, is attached.

There will continue to be thirty ministers, with a Cabinet of nineteen and ten parliamentary secretaries.

As well as bringing new figures into the Cabinet and the Ministry, I have taken the opportunity to make several changes in departmental arrangements to reflect emerging priorities. But the basic structures - themselves a Labor reform - have served well and will remain.

As before the election, the Cabinet includes a number of ministers with long experience in government. I am pleased to announce that Senator Graham Richardson will once again bring his considerable abilities to the Cabinet. The talented Cabinet team has also been augmented by the elevation to Cabinet of Peter Baldwin, a minister of outstanding ability who will be able, as a Cabinet member, to build on his earlier experience as a minister.

I also welcome to the Cabinet three new members who have not previously held ministerial posts. They are Bob McMullan, Laurie Brereton and Michael Lee who I am confident will be able to make major contributions to the work of the government in the portfolios of Arts and Administrative Services, Industrial Relations, Tourism and

Resources. It is also the intention to appoint Michael Lavarch as Attorney-General after the poll for the seat of Dickson.

In.addition,.there.will be six .new ministers-mot in the Cabinet. They are Frank Walker, who as Special Minister of State in my portfolio will have particular responsibility for facilitation of major development projects: George Gear; Chris Schacht; John Faulkner; Rosemary Crowley and Duncan Kerr. The infusion of new talent they represent will help

ensure that the government continues to be relevant and responsive to the changing conditions and circumstances of the 1990s. Mr Kerr will act as Attorney-General pending Mr Lavarch's appointment.


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Of the Parliamentary Secretaries, six are new to the position. The institution of Parliamentary Secretary provides a very inexpensive means not only of giving talented individuals executive experience but providing Ministers with needed support.

I wish to draw attention to the important modifications in ministerial arrangements.

As Prime Minister I am already significantly involved, through my department and Ministers assisting me, in the major areas of social and cultural change in Australia represented by the Office of the Status of Women, the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Aboriginal Reconciliation Unit. The 1990s will see us carry further the shift towards a more diverse, outward looking and just society and I intend to enhance the role of the Prime Ministership in this.

Accordingly there will be an Office of Aboriginal and Tones Strait Islander Affairs in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the Minister and ATSIC will be located in my portfolio. The Office will not be large, but have a policy advising capability and will house the Aboriginal Reconciliation Unit. The Office will also be able to provide advice and services to the minister when it would be inappropriate for the only source of advice to be ATSIC. For example where Aboriginal groups engage in litigation against the Commonwealth there may be a need for instructions to the Commonwealth's legal advisers of a kind which ATSIC would regard as inconsistent with its role.

I emphasise, however, that there is no intention in establishing the Office to undermine the primary role of ATSIC as adviser to the government on Aboriginal matters. Excellent working relationships have been established between the portfolio and ATSIC on major issues and this will continue. The Office will complement ATSIC and its creation

highlights the importance the Government attaches to addressing issues affecting Aboriginal and Tones Strait Islander people and, in particular, to pressing ahead effectively with the reconciliation process.

Some particular programs for Aboriginal and Tones Strait Islander people will remain with the specialised Departments, for example DEET in the area of education. But Mr Tickner, as Minister with overall responsibility in the field, will take a strong and continuing interest in all the Government's activities in Aboriginal affairs.

Senator Evans, who will be the Minister for Foreign Affairs, will be joined in the Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio by a second Cabinet minister, Senator Cook, who takes on the vital responsibility of pursuing our overseas trade interests. His ability to concentrate

effort upon this will be enhanced by the presence in the portfolio of a third Minister, Gordon Bilney, who will take over development assistance activities, formerly with the Trade Minister.

Mr Howe, the Deputy Prime Minister, will be Minister for Housing, Local Government and Community Services. We are concerned to improve the quality of life in our cities and particularly people's access to services through improvements in service delivery and planning. Mr Howe will have particular responsibility for initiatives in this area, along with continuing responsibility for housing matters, including the better cities program, augmented by local government which has been in the immigration portfolio, and locational disadvantage studies which have been in the Department of the Prime Minister


and Cabinet. Mr Howe's portfolio will also take responsibility for the National Capital Planning Authority.

I expect health issues to have an even higher focus during the next parliamentary term. We need to examine service delivery issues to improve the efficiency with which the medical system meets customer needs. We need also to look at the relationship between

the public and private health systems to ensure we are using both optimally, and to make the most of the linkage between the two. Reflecting this and especially the Medicare arrangements, there will be another Cabinet minister in the Health, Housing, Local Government and Community Services portfolio. This is Senator Richardson, who becomes Minister for Health.

Reflecting this government's commitment to families, there will also be a Minister for Family Services in the Health, Housing, Local Government and Community Services portfolio, which will be further enhanced by the addition of the Child Protection Council and the International Year of the Family secretariat, from the Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio. Rosemary Crowley, the Minister for Family Services, will also be Minister assisting me for the Status of Women.

As promised before the election, there will be a ministry with special responsibility for regional development. The Department of Industry, Technology and Regional Development, under Mr Griffiths, will co—ordinate national programs to bring vigorous new industries to declining regions and to equip people with the skills needed for these

new industries. The Office of Northern Development will move from my department to the Department of Industry, Technology and Regional Development and Mr Ted Lindsay, the Parliamentary Secretary in that portfolio, will have special responsibility for Northern Development issues.

There has been significant structural change in many industries in recent years and, increasingly, this is being linked to broader competition policy issues. The current Hilmer Review into competition policy should reinforce these linkages. In this climate, I have decided to move responsibilities for competition policy into the Treasury, so that it may complement further the government's continuing microeconomic reform agenda.

Consumer interests will, however, continue to be handled by the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Ms McHugh, in the Attorney—General's portfolio.

I have also decided to streamline the Cabinet committee system and have committees rather than full Cabinet handle the initial consideration of Cabinet matters.

This approach will leave the Cabinet free to concentrate on broader strategic issues rather than some of the more detailed deliberations which can take considerable Cabinet time. Committee .decisions will continue to be submitted -to Cabinet for.endorsement and Cabinet will be expected to consider the major policy issues, but without getting bogged down in detail which can be settled in the Committee discussions.

The new Cabinet structure will consist of:—

Expenditure Review Committee Structural Adjustment Committee


Social Policy Committee Security Committee General Policy Committee

Parliamentary Business committee

A General Policy Committee has been added to the structure to pick up the issues not falling within the terms of reference of the other policy committees and the Sustainable Development Committee has been abolished as its principal task of developing the

Ecologically Sustainable Development and Greenhouse strategies has been completed. New administrative arrangements were put in place in December 1992 to handle the authorisation of draft legislation and there is, therefore, no longer a need for a Legislation Committee.

Details of the membership of committees will be released separately.

Also attached is a list of departmental secretaries.

The government is well served by the public service and regards stability at the top as desirable. We do, however, have a policy of rotating secretaries after several years in their positions and have taken the opportunity of the appointment of a new ministry to effect a small number of changes.

Mr Tony Cole, the Secretary to the Treasury, will become Secretary to the Department of Health, Housing, Local Government and Community Services. Mr Ted Evans, a former Deputy Secretary in the Treasury, moves from his current post at the International Monetary Fund to become Secretary to the Treasury. Mr Derek Volker, Secretary to the Department of Social Security, moves to Employment, Education and Training to be replaced by Mr Tony Blunn from the Department of the Arts, Sport, the Environment and Territories. Mr Stuart Hamilton, from Health, Housing and Community Services will

become Secretary to the Department of Environment, Sport and Territories.

Dr Geoff Miller, currently Secretary to the Department of Primary Industries and Energy, is a candidate for the position of Director—General of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation. In recognition of his need to spend a good deal of his time in pursuit of this objective, and to enhance his prospects, Dr Miller has asked to be relieved of the full time burden of his present duties . The government is strongly supportive of Dr Miller's candidacy.and accordingly we have decided to appoint him Associate Secretary for Agriculture in the Department of Primary Industries and Energy. He will be succeeded as Secretary by Mr Greg Taylor, from Employment, Education and Training. He will, however, remain Secretary to the Department of Tourism.

I this..Qpportunity to.tha nk.those.Secretaries..who.are.moving for their contributions to the government and the nation over the last few years. I am confident they will continue to maintain the quality of public administration.

CANBERRA 24 March 1993

Commonwealth Government

24'March 1993



MINISTER Representative in

other Chamber

Prime Minister The Hon P J Keating, MP Senator Evans

Special Minister of State The Hon Frank Walker, QC, MP Senator Evans

(Vice-President of the Executive Council)

Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs The Hon Robert Tickner, MP Senator Collins

Minister for Housing, Local Government and Community The Hon Brian Howe, MP Senator Richardson Services (Deputy Prime Minister)

Minister for Health Senator the Hon Graham Richardson Mr Howe

Minister for Family Se rvices Senator the Hon Rosema ry Crowley Mr Howe

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Status of Women Minister for Veterans Affairs Senator the Hon John Faulkner Mr Howe

(Manager of Government Business in the Senate)

Parliamenta ry Secreta ry The Hon Andrew Theophanous, MP

Minister for Foreign Affairs Senator the Hon Gareth Evans, QC Mr Bilney

(Leader of the Government in the Senate)

Minister for Trade Senator the Hon Peter Cook Mr Bilney

Minister for Development Co-operation and Pacific Island Affairs The Hon Gordon Bilney, MP Senator Evans

Minister for Defence Senator the Hon Robert Ray Mr Bilney

(Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate)

Minister for Defence Science and Personnel Senator the Hon John Faulkner Senator Ray

Parliamentary Secretary The Hon Gar y Punch, MP

Treasurer The Hon J S Dawkins, MP Senator McMullan

Assistant Treasurer The Hon George Gear, MP Senator McMullan

Parliamentary Secretary The Hon Gary Johns, MP

Minister for Finance The Hon Ralph Willis, NIP Senator McMullan

Minister for Employment, Education and Training The Hon Kint C Beazley, NIP Senator Ray

(Leader of the House)

Minister for Schools, Vocational Education and Training The I-Ion Ross Free, MP Senator Ray

Parliamentary Secretary The Hon Warren Snowdon, MP

Minister for the Environment, Sport and Territories The Hon Ros Kelly, MP Senator Ray

Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs Senator the Hon Nick Bolkus Mr Brereton

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Minister for Primary Industries and Energy The Hon Simon Crean, MP Senator Cook

Minister for Resources The IIon Michael Lee, MP Senator Cook

Parliamentary Secretary Senator the Hon Nick Sherry

Minister for Industry, Technology and Regional Development The Hon-Alan Griffiths, NIP Senator Schacht Minister for Science and Small Business Senator the Hon Chris Schacht Mr Griffiths

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Science Parliamentary Secretary The Hon Ted Lindsay, MP

Minister for Transport and Communications Senator the Hon Bob Collins Mr Beddall

Minister for Communications The Hon David Beddall, MP Senator Collins

Parliamentary Secretary The Hon Neil O'Keefe, MP

Minister for Social Security The Hon Peter Baldwin, NIP Senator Richardson

Parliamentary Secretary The Hon Corr Sciacca, UP

Minister for the Arts and . inistrativeServices_ .. ...... c the iEioo.>^Ii .>vtchtullan Mr Willis

Parliamentary Secretary The Hon Janice Crosio, MBE, MP

Minister for Industrial Relations The Hon Laurie Brereton, NIP Senator McMullan

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Public Ser vice Matters

Attorney-General The Hon Duncan Kerr, NIP (Acting)* Senator Bolkus

Minister for Consumer Affairs The lion Jeannette McI-Iugh, MP Senator Bolkus

Minister for Justice The Hon Duncan Kerr, MP Senator Bolkus

Parliamentary Secretary The Hon Peter Duncan, MP

Minister for Tourism The Hon Michael Lee, NIP Senator Schacht

Each box represents a portfolio. Cabinet Ministers are shown in bold type. As a general rule, there is one Department in each portfolio. Except for the Department of Health, Housing, Local Government and Community Services and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the title of each Department reflects that of the Portfolio Minister. There is also a Department of Veterans' Affairs in the Health, Ilousing, Local Government and Communit y Services Portfolio. ' Mr Lavarch will be appointed Attorney-General, depending on the result of the election for the seat of Dickson. 23.3.93/5.45 pm

^ x


Department Secreta ry

Arts and Administrative Mr N J Tanzer Services

Attorney—General's Mr A D Rose

Defence Mr A J Ayers, AC

Employment, Education Mr D Volker, AO and Training

Environment, Sport and Mr S A Hamilton Territories

Finance Mr S T Sedgwick

Foreign Affairs and Dr P S Wilenski, AO Trade

Health, Housing, Local Mr A S Cole Government and Community Services

Immigration and Ethnic Mr C Conybeare Affairs

Industrial Relations Mr M J Costello

Industry, Technology Mr N R Stevens and Regional Development

Primary Industries and Mr G F Taylor Energy

Prime Minister and Dr M S Keating, AO Cabinet

Social Security Mr A S Blunn, AO

Tourism Dr G L Miller

Transport and Mr G C Evans


Treasury Mr E A Evans

Veterans' Affairs Mr L B Woodward

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