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Another company off to New Zealand

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Ian McLachlan

Shadow Minister for Industz-y and Commerce


The decision by the Rexona Company to close its Minto (NSW) plant and move to New Zealand, with the loss of 190 jobs reflected the view of many Australian companies, the Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce Ian McLachlan _said today.

'If there is a ' recovery under way here, as the Labor Party would have us believe, why are an increasing number of our large companies considering moving to New Zealand, including one of our best known food processors.

'Could it be that the climate for corporate investment across the Tasman is more attractive?

'Could it have something to do with the on costs of business - 55 cents in the dollar in Australia compared with 19 cents in the dollar and declining in New Zealand?

'Rexona's statement to its employees says it all: 'New Zealand's access to significantly cheaper raw and packing material costs combined with more competitive conversion costs ...'

Further information:

Ian McLachlan, Shadow Minister, Industry and Commerce Telephone: 08 2377140 26 February 1993.