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Statement by the Prime Minister [elections 1993]

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Australia's future energy and skills, together for a fut is on the verge of vote tomorrow. It GST package.

depends on the people: depends on their on their spirit, on their ability to work are in which they all can share. That future realisation. It now depends on how you

depends on voting against the Opposition's

Tomorrow you can vote for a Government whose policies in the past year have seen Australia emerge from recession faster than virtually any other country in the world, or you can _.. vote for a 1S per cent tax on virtually all you buy and

.everything you use; which will not create employment; which will stifle small business and which will make life harder for most Australians.

Tomorrow you can vote for a Government whose most fundamental beliefs are fairness, freedom and strength through cooperation. A Government which has invested in policies to help people through the revolutionary change in our economy. Or you can vote for a Coalition whose policies are based on the discredited idea that self-interest should govern society, that the strong should prosper and the rest can take what's

left, and that governments should not reach back for those who need help because, Dr Hewson says, the needy will drag us down.

You can vote for a Government that will never abandon Medicare. Or you can vote for a Coalition which will destroy it.

You can vote for a Government which will always stand by a free and fair education system, or you can vote for a Coalition which will base the education system on one's ability to pay.

You can vote for a Government which believes in maintaining and improving wages and conditions and ensuring human dignity in the working lives of Australians. or you can vote for a Coalition which offers people an employer's contract or taking the sack, and whose industrial relations policy is a guarantee of workplace conflict and division.


The Go vernment dedicates itself to the fight against unemployment through investment and growth. We dedicate ourselves to caring for the unemployed and all Aus tralians who are going through hard times. We dedicate ourselves to completing the task of bringing

Australia into a new era of growth and prosperity and pride built on the work and genius of the Australian people. And we pledge ourselves to never introduce a GST. We have the opportunity to reject what the people of Canada and Britain and New Zealand wish they could now reject. An unfair and burdensome tax, and policies which have created a permanent underclass of people and sapped their national unity and strength.

I have always believed in the wisdom and the fairness of Australians. That is why I believe they will vote for Labor and for Australia's future..

SYDNEY 12 March 1993