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Puerile fabrications in ALP scare campaign

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The Labor Party and the trade unions have today indulged themselves in a desperate selection of puerile fabrications concerning the impact of Coalition policy on South Australia, the Shadow Minister for Industry Ian McLachlan said


'This campaign, launched in Adelaide today will be seen for what it is - reckless untruths from a political party which has bankrupted our State.

'It was claimed that the Coalition would 'shut the car industry down in South Australia with the loss of 14,000 jobs.'

'The Labor Party and the trade unions have by no means been the saviour of the car industry - in the past three years, 14,000 jobs have already been lost, 74,000 fewer new cars were produced last year than nine years ago, and there are more old, inefficient and polluting cars on Australian roads than ever before.

'The Coalition is committed to an efficient motor car industry in Australia and we have the policies to make that happen.

'To suggest that the Coalition would 'sacrifice' the State's tourist industry is absolute nonsense, when tourism will clearly be one of the big winners under a Coalition Government.

'It will no longer pay wholesale sales tax or payroll tax, and the removal of fuel excise. will assist both the industry itself and all the international and domestic tourists who will also have the benefit of a large cut in their personal income. As well, the tourism industry will have the opportunity to negotiate directly with

staff on workplace arrangements which will mean lower costs for owners and operators and therefore more jobs in the industry.

'Tourism will flourish under the Coalition, and thousands of jobs will result from increased numbers of tourists who will create 1400 jobs for every 25,000 new


Mr McLachlan said Senator Bolkus' claim about GST on food was another fabrication, since the Coalition had responded to community concerns and the Churches to remove GST from basic food purchased for home consumption.


than other

'It's worth remembering that South Australia, fl OW suffering A x8lian Labor Party, State in the recession, has been run for 10 years by the with the current Prime Minister working 'on the national levers.'

'What South Australia needs urgently is a set of policies jobs

busines prosper




start which will turn create fear in the community. not untruths design 'A change of Government would be a good start.'

Further information:

Ian McLachlan Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce Telephon e: 08 2377140,

12 January, 1993