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Democrats study half right - as usual

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EndorSr.d A.L-P, Candidate for Watson



Fedcral Mcinhc^r for

Speaikct of the Huuse of Representatives

The Hon Leo McLeay MP

January, 1993


I hope, you and your family enjoyed your Christmas and New Year,

During the iast year, as I moved about the electorate of Watson, it has been heartening to meet so many people who care deeply about their local community and who are prepared to actively work to ensure its future growth. Similarly it was very encoumging to see the enthusiastic response to my mail survey of the electorate. I

received thousands of responses and it has taken some time to personally respond to the letters accompanying many of them, The overwhelmingly positive response to the survey has made the job of representing your views in Government just that much easier. The issues most commonly raised were concern for the economy' employment;

and this provision of community services such as Medicare and child care. I will certain'lybepursuing all the issues raised.

1993 is an election year and not for 20 years have the differences between the two major political parties been more stark. The choices to be made at this election are between Labor's commitment to low Interest rates, low inflation and creating jobs and Dr Hewson's 15 per cent CST which will put up the cost of everything from babies

nappies to funerals. At a time when we need stability, reform and 'obi, the Literal Party is proposing economic and industrial relations policies which will create division and hurt in the community. In Victoria no one really knew how savage and unfair the Kennett policies would be until hi;

. started closing schools, cutting services,

axing industrial awards and finally increasing taxes,

Under Pr Hewson's health plan the Medicare levy is retained but a surcharge Is also

levied on those withoutprivate insurance. The extra levy will cost up to $400 a year for single ea le and $800 a Year for families. While Dr Hewson is offering tax rebates on health insurance; the average family rebate will be just $2(X. This means that for exactly the same level of service families now receive under Medicare, they

will be pay in g an extra $600 a year to private health insurance companies.

The choice for our future has never been more clear or Important. A vote for L bor is a vote, for fairness and stability.

Kind regards,


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