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Where will the nuclear plants be, Mr Fischer?

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16 February 1993


Federal Resources Minister, Alan Griffiths, today called on Tim Fischer to reveal where uranium enrichment plants would be located if the Coalition were elected.

"Tim Fischer has now admitted to meeting with proponents of the development of a uranium enrichment industry," Mr Griffiths . said

Why is he keeping the details of these meetings secret? He should be honest enough to reveal to the Australian people full details of his plans to take our country further down the nuclear fuel cycle, with all . the attendant risks:

"Has he secretly made any commitments to allow a uranium enrichment plant to proceed in South Australia's Spencer Gulf or any other location? How and where does he propose to dispose of the volume of waste from these plants? Will the plants be subject to the Opposition's policy of automatic approval if environmental issues have not been resolved after 12 months ?" Mr Griffiths asked:

Under Opposition policy, if environmental, heritage and associated studies are not finalised in a specified timeframe, indicated as 12 months, major projects would go ahead automatically.

The Labor Party platform prohibits the establishment in Australia of nuclear power plants and all other stages of the nuclear fuel cycle.

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