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Mr Fischer guilty, by his own admission

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E W S• Ft E L E g S E

17 February 1993


Tim Fischer's responses to questions about the Coalition's uranium enrichment plans demonstrate a contempt for the Australian public, the Federal Resources Minister, Alan Griffiths, said today.

"Tim Fischer has admitted to meeting with proponents of the development of a. uranium enrichment industry. However he continues to keep the details of these meetings secret. What is he hiding?

"The answer is that Mr Fischer is hiding the commitments he has made to the industry proponent" Mr Griffiths said.

Speaking on ABC radio- today, Mr Fisher started to give himself up. Mr Fisher said he had given no commitments 'in specific form '.

"Clearly then, he has given commitments of some kind", Mr Griffiths said.

"If Mr Fischer takes us down the nuclear fuel cycle, what happens to the waste from these plants? Will he allow nuclear waste from overseas to be imported into Australia for disposal?" Mr Griffiths asked.

"His leader is conspicuously silent on this matter. I also call on Dr Hewson to clear the air regarding the Opposition's intention to take Australia down the path of the nuclear fuel cycle "Mr Griffiths concluded.

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