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Smog risk up under Hewson

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19 February 1993


Current summer weather conditions in many major Australian cities are posing a major health threat, because of increased smog build up.

"This health risk in our cities will only get worse under a Coalition GST tax policy, if they were to be elected," the Federal Minister for Resources, Mr Alan Griffiths warned today.

"The Coalition's GST will put environmentally friendly fuels such as natural gas and LPG out of business," Mr Griffiths said.

"Under Dr Hewson's tax policies, these fuels will all be subject to the 15 per cent GST. The Australian LPG Association has publicly said that this policy will be a disaster for them, because LPG use in cars will be wiped out," Mr Griffiths


"Labor has kept these environment friendly fuels free of tax for a decade, and promises to keep them free of tax for at least a further five years", Mr Griffiths said.

"Under Labor, we have had a consistent policy of keeping environmentally sound fuels free of tax. As a result, these fuels, especially LPG, make up a significant part of our fuel needs,.'.' -Mr-Griffiths-said:

"For example, virtually all taxis use LPG, to the clear benefit of urban air quality," Mr Griffiths said.

"Contrast Dr Hewson's approach with that of the newly elected United States' President, Mr Clinton, who has brought in a range of energy taxes. designed to favour cleaner energy," Mr Griffiths said.

"The Coalition is running scared on this issue; now they won't even confirm a release date for their environment policy

"The choice is clear. Labor supports environmentally friendly fuels; Dr Hewson will tax them out of existence, and lead to higher levels of smog and greater health risks in our cities,". Mr Griffiths concluded.


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