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News release [Doutta Galla by-election]

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21 February,. 1993.

The Doutta Galla by-election result in Victo ria has shown what the communityvote will be on the GST, rather than what the opinion polls say it may be, the Federal Minister for Tou rism and :Resources and Federal Member for Maribyrnong, Alan Griffiths said today.

"The massive 17% swing to Labor is the first real electoral test of Dr Hewson's policies," Mr Grif fiths said.

"Voters have de livered an obvious rebuke to both Mr Kenne tt and Dr Hewson..

"After the -announcement of the federal elec tion date, Victo rian issues were swamped by federal coali tion policies, par ticularly the GST, industrial rela tions and health."

Mr Grif fiths said the bo ttom line is that the voters of Dou tta Galla are the first in Australia to cast their votes after focussing clearly on federal poli tical issues.

"17% more voters placed a number "1" next to Labor th an did so at the State: election a few short months.ago. The mood swing is decisive and indisputable," Mr Grif fiths said.

"Even traditionally conservative polling booths within Dou tta Galla swung dramatically to Labor, and as Dr Hewson is always keen to stress, voting day polls are the only polls that count.

coMMOr4wEalTH °'I agree," Mr Grif fi ths said. . PA^^r^,y^E^A Y ue RY tvi1CAH

(NB: The State seat of Doutta Galla is largely encompassed- within'

the federal' electorate of Maribyrnong)

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