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Coalition would put solar energy in the shade

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27 February 1993


The Federal Minister for Resources, Alan Griffiths, today launched Labor's energy policy with a:$6 million plan to help provide solar hot water heaters to households cheaply, and to keep them tax free.

Under the plan, solar heaters will be provided to households at below normal cost and instalments paid through normal electricity bills. This allows the customer to purchase an energy-saving appliance without a high up front cost.

Houses using solar energy will have: lower electricity bills, and under Labor, these` bills won't be inflated by a GST. <-Speaking in Adelaide, Mr Griffiths said the Coalition's GST would add hundreds of dollars to the cost of domestic solar hot water heaters. Where solar technologies are

on the verge of breaking into the rural power supply market, the GST will make this impossible.

"On top of that, Dr Hewson's tax policies will put environmentally friendly fuels such as natural gas and LPG out of business. This will lead to higher smog levels ^.. and greater health risks, especially in our cities:. z.

"Oil imports will also o up, as these locally produced fuels are replaced by imports" g P^ yP p Y i P . P 3 Mr Griffiths said.

2 've It is Labor that has kept alternative fuels like LPG and natural gas free of tax for p decade, and we promise to keep them tax free for at least five years. As a result, U these fuels have grown rapidly, particularly LPG.

"In stark contrast with Labor, the Coalition will destroy the gains made in encouraging the community to save energy and to use alternative fuels.

"Under Dr Hewson, the LPG industry has said it would be virtually .wiped out overnight. I call on Dr Hewson to reveal why he wants to kill off the LPG industry.

"Labor has consistently supported energy conservation with a $32 million program, and solar research, with funding of over $40 million. The Opposition is pre-occupied with uranium and nuclear energy. Energy conservation and solar energy face a very dark future indeed under a Coalition," Mr Griffiths concluded.

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