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Labor commitment for $15 million gas pipeline

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N E W S • FR E L E A E

23 February 1993


"Labor stands ready to back the proposed $200 million recycled paper plant at Nowra with a commitment to build a $15 million gas pipeline extension," the Federal Minister for Resources, Mr Alan Griffiths, said today.

Mr Griffiths said that, subject to the necessary environmental approvals,., Labo r . is keen to do all in its power to see the project, with the many hundreds of jobs it would provide, proceed as quickly as possible.

During a visit to APPM's specialty paper plant at Nowra today, Mr Griffiths said that Labor is backing the proposal in three key areas.

• Labor is prepared to provide up to $15 million to the Federal Pipeline Authority to enable the construction of a gas pipeline link to the Nowra area, and to "roll-in" the costs of the extension to enable gas to be provided to the area at the cheapest possible cost.

• , Labor will continue to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in the approval processes, through the major projects facilitation work of Mr Laurie Brereton, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister.

• Labor's policy commitment to Gove rn ment purchasing recycled paper involving a clear commitment that, by 1996, recycled paper products will make up 90 per cent of the purchases of Commonwealth agencies in certain product categories."

"The supply of natural gas to the plant will provide the most ef ficient source of process heat for the recycling mill and will allow production of supplementary electricity for the local area. It would also boost prospects for further industry and jobs in the Shoalhaven region."

"The proposed plant will use latest German technology, with no chlorine used in the process. Process waters will be re-used, and the effluent will be high quality, suitable for irrigation," Mr Griffiths said.

Mr Griffiths added that natural gas pipelines, being buried underground, are one of the most environmentally acceptable and safest means of transmitting energy.

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"The Labor candidate for the Federal seat of Gilmore, Mr Peter Knott, and the local community have pushed strongly to ensure gas is provided as economically as possible to the area,' Mr Griffiths said.

The announcement of approval for funding of the pipeline was welcomed by Mr Brereton, who has been. co-ordinating Government approvals for the APPM plant since it was first raised with the Commonwealth last year.

Mr Griffiths described Labor's commitment to the pipeline as "a win for the people of Shoalhaven, and a shot in the arm- for regional development."

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