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Labor's child care: more places, less cost, further security

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W1 RE', ROGER PRICE MPFEDERAL MEMBER FOR. CHIFLEY PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARY TO ThE MINISTER FOR. DEFENCE11 February 1993LABOR'S CHILI) CARE: MORE PLACES,LESS COST, FURTHER SECURITYThe working mums and dads of Sydney's west would welcome theLabor Government's plans for childcare announced this week, saidFederal Member for Chifley, Roger Price."From Blacktown to St Marys there are nearly 2,000 childrenenrolled in either council sponsored child care centres or familyday care centres (this figure does not include privately runcentres)."Demand for child care saw Blacktown City Council open up twolong day care centres in Minchinbury and Hassall Grove last year."To meet these demands a future Labor Government will providenationwide a $627 million package for childcare, providingapproximately 300,000 places by 1996/97 - or an additional 49,500places."The cash rebate will also be a huge benefit to parents with work-related child care costs, providing up to $1,466 a year for onechild in care and up to $3,182 a year for two or more children incare. COMMONWEALTH PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARYPHONE: 625-4344 _ _ MICAH FAX: 832L641

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"The bottom line on Labor's child care package is: more places,

less cost and further security."

"Under Labor, child care has grown from a small, welfare program with a budget of only $68 million, to .a widespread service for

hundreds of thousands of Australian families with the

Government spending over $500 million on child care this year,"

said Mr Price.

Mr Price said to make child care more affordable the cash rebate

will provide up to $30 per week for one child in care and $61 per

week for two or more children, payable at the local Medicare


The rebates will be available for all work related expenses over

and above Child Care 'Assistance ' (formerly Fee Relief) including

the cost of privately arranged care, centre based care, family day

care and outside school hours care.

Another important element of the package was the allocation of

$15.7 million for the provision of care options for sick children.

"When kids are sick, mums are generally the ones who face the

tough decision of juggling work and family responsibilities. Often

they are forced to stay at home and this has an adverse affect on

industry productivity and employee morale,




"The Government will introduce a system of ,national

accreditation of child care centres to ensure that child care is safe

and secure,,

i4 "This all adds up to one of the most comprehensive and integrated

child care packages in Australia's. history but most importantly it

will give women choices about how they can combine work and

family responsibilities," said Mr Price.

Mr Price also outlined the Government's planned incentives for

employers to shoulder even more of the effort to provide quality

child care.

"The Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) exemption arrangements will be

expanded to family day care, outside school hours care and

vacation care employer sponsored places to make these forms of

child care a more attractive investment for employers."

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