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Transcript of interview with Mark Ferguson: Seven Nightly News: 18 March 2012

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Transcript ­ Seven Nightly News ­ Sunday, 18 March 2012  

19 March 2012 in Media

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Tough economic times mean Australians are saving more than they have for decades but the same can't be said

for our federal public servants. Seven News has uncovered an explosion in the use of taxpayer-funded credit

cards with spending more than doubling in the past four years.


Plastic really is fantastic if you're a public servant with a government credit card because taxpayers pay the bill

and they're paying more than ever.


This is a government that is addicted to spending other people's money.


The spending's on things like work travel and stationery and it's increased most in the broadband and

communications department, up more than $4.5 million since Labor took office - that's almost 400%. Resources,

energy and tourism had the second biggest increase, up 275%. Across the 14 federal departments which agreed

to provide figures, the average increase was more than 100%.


That's why the Labor Party continues to rack up record debt and record deficit.


The government denies the increases equate to more spending overall. It says they simply reflect a growing

preference for credit over cash payments because they allow for greater transparency. The Government's fired

its own financial counterattack, releasing a document claiming the Coalition will deliver a $9 billion deficit based

on its promises.


Tell us where it is wrong; tell Australians where it's wrong.


We're not going to take any lectures on, numbers or on fiscal prudence from Penny Wong.


The Opposition says it will provide its own costings closer to the election.