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1993 election policy statement by the Prime Minister: a focus on jobs

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24 February 1993

1993 Election Policy Statement

by the Prime Minister - A Focus on Jots -Creating new jobs by stimulating private investment was the key theme of Prime Minister Paul Keating's policy launch in Sydney today, said Federal Member for Chifley, Roger Price.

in addition, dental cover will be added to medical care, and Medicare will purchase 10000 beds in private hospitals to help relieve queues.

Mr Price said Chifley constituents would benefit from the initiatives announced by Mr Keating, which included a Home Care allowance for mothers at home, fee relief for occasional child care, and a seniors health card for low income pensioners.

"This policy statement demonstrates the wide gulf that exists between Labor and the Coalition," said Mr Price.

"The people of Chifley have a big choice to make on March 13. This election is not a choice between Paul Keating or John Hewsian. This election will be about fundamental social and economic values - the Australian way of life -

well into the next century.

"In short, Labdr believes in Australians sticking together as a community, helping and encouraging each other in times of need. The Coalition believes in looking out for yourself, and bad luck if you aren't smart, tough or rich enough to cut it," said Mr Price.

"Labor will increase employment levels through new growth. By contrast, the Coalition's (SST would simply club our economy with a new tax, causing more unemployment," he said.

"Families, low income earners and pensioners will be the big winners under Labor. Our policies are aimed at creating jobs and helping people in need.



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"Labor's lowering of company tax to 33% together with a more generous investment allowance will help create 500,000 new jobs over the next three years,

"Labor will build on the strengths of lower inflation and interest rates, a competitive Australian dollar, and relative industrial peace, not the industrial trauma or confrontation that would result from the Coalition's industrial policies.

"The Coalition's GST policy would stall recovery and cause more unemployment. Both interest rates and inflation would also rise.

"It cannot be repeated enough that a new tax will not create new jobs; it 'didn't work in England, it didn't work in the US, and there's no evidence to suggest it's going to work here.

"The Coalition would increase company tax to 42 cents, reduce tariffs to zero and add a 115% tax on to every stage of manufacture."

For families, the Prime Minister announced a new Home Care Allowance of $30 each week, paid directly to mothers. This would replace the Dependent Spouse Rebate where families had to wait until the end of the year before

seeing their money. Labor will also increase fee relief for occasional child care.

"This will give women who remain at home full-time raising children an independent source of income," said Mr Price.

For families where both parents are working, Labor will provide a 30% child care rebate,

"To help reduce hospital waiting lists, Labor will purchase 10,000 private hospital beds per year.

"And for health card holders, basic dental cover will be added to medical care. This will give low income earning families a total health package, which they've never had before," he said.

"The Liberals would destroy Medicare and virtually force everyone into expensive private health insurance.



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"For pensioners, Labor will provide a more generous assets test and a new seniors health card for all older people with incomes below the pension cut-out point. The new Health Card will entitle low income earning pensioners to concessional pharmaceuticals and hearing aids.

"Only the return of the Australian Labor Party will guarantee a steady improvement, and the creation of new jobs. The internationally discredited policies of the Coalition will divide the Australian community causing industrial strife and lost opportunities," said Mr-Price.

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