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Six wounded in explosion

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Directorate of Public Relations, array Headquarters, C A; IL p RRA , . C . T . 2 600

No 6127

- ,; ,. C

Six :_ustr alian soldiers were accidentally -,sounded -- l ien a mortar round

ea nloded. in Phuoc Thy Province, South Vietnam, yesterday (I:i arch 23) .

All are members of the 7th Battalion, The Royal J:ustralin Regiment.

The n..nes of four sole iers v.ho next of kin have been informed are:

Private J.L. `^l rncnd., of Cerc.ldton, :: , condition seriously ill.

Lance- CorDorel ,i.. . I.' . s^.;, of Jurrembeet, Vic, condition very satisfactory.

Private Sch ulz, of i:'L.irfie1d, IT.S.., condition ver y satisfactory.

Pri ': ate .J._ Cut'•h bertscn, of Beaufort, Vic, condition very satisfactory.

The other t v:Io soldiers, ::dose n;':.;les have been v:ithheld Sending notification

of next of kin, are in a very satisfactory conditian.

List: A

Further information:

24th I:°_arch, 1970

C -I T D'.REA.: Lt Col L Logan (65-4124.) (654651) n •• TES : ,1 ^\ ? rn ('1 - - - *..-^ r ^^ryr.,-^.. i.i lJ.. J:.^. 11.1./'. ..l \./'.. _... ._.1^.'J i^^i.. D^.^ _.L t.^