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Keating leaves electors cold

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11 February 1993



"Prime Minister Keating has not delivered the goods for ten years, and expected people to swallow loads of rhetoric in his economic statement", Philip Ruddock, Liberal Candidate for Berowra said this morning. Paul Keating delivered his statement at the Press Club in Canberra last Tuesday.

"I was appalled at the emptiness of his statement and his lack of vision and direction for Australia. The statement was obviously put together quickly to win votes rather than address the deeply rooted problems that we all face".

There was no good news from the Prime Minister for the unemployed in his "Investing in the Nation" speech. The Prime Minister admitted that he was unable to help the unemployed in the short term.

The Prime Minister's speech did not give small, unincorporated business any tax cuts.

"The announcements made by Paul Kea ting will not help Berowra residents one bit, and what's more we don't know where the money is coming from to pay for the tax cuts. Labor is trying to buy votes to stay in power and Australians have had enough",

Philip Ruddock continued.

"Paul Keating and Labor have had ten years to get it right, and still they do not have a plan that will solve the problems that we face. They have run out of ideas and it's time for a change of government", Philip Ruddock said.

The Liberals have a plan that will start helping the unemployed from day one of a Coalition Government.

One of our initiatives, which may be of interest to local business, is the abolition od payroll tax. Payroll tax is a tax on jobs - and in order to create jobs, it has to go.

By abolishing payroll tax alone, even Paul Keating himself estimated that 200,000 jobs would be created. That would mean that we could get one in five off the dole queues.

The Coalition has the plan that will not only benefit us as individuals, but it will also address the inground national problems that we face. On polling day, March 13, vote for a Liberal Government. G6 ^Ii1O NWEALTH