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Celebration of culture and friendship on Norfolk Island

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The Hon

Warren Snowdon MP .Ft;Zj •Urtiraerttal'y Secretary to the Minister for the Environment, Sport a t d Territories 1 r1 di

Celebration of culture and friendship on Norfolk Island

Dawn or Norfolk Island today heralded the ceremonial return of historic cultural artefacts to the descendant of their original owners. The ceremony marked tha two hundredth anniversary of a significant event in the history of the tiny Australian external Territory.

The Hon, Warren Snowdon MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Territories, ceremonially rehirned two Maori stone fighting clubs or patu, to elders of the Muriwhenua peoples of northern New Zealand. The clubs were presented to Norfolk IsIsnd's Governor King in 1793 by MuriwheItua Chiefs in appreciation

of his kimhtess to two your Maoris, Tuki and Huru.

Mr Snowdon said that Norfolk Island Is an Important external Territory of Australia, and shares close historical and geographical listks with New Zealand.

'These strong bonds are reinforced and enriched by the economic, social and cultural ties which join the peoples of Norfolk Island and New Zealand', Mr Snowdon said,

'In this, the International Year of the World's Indigenous People, it is most appropri ate that we celebrate the cultural ties which exist between Australia and New Zealand with the return to the Maori people of the patu that were presented to Governor King 200 years ago.

'Today's handover Is manifest evidence of the Australian government's commitment to the repatriation of cultural ma terial to its rightful owners', Mr Snowdon said.

In conclusion Mr Snowdon Aa1d it was fitting that the handover of the pate should mark the opening of a fine exhibition of Maori culture on Norfolk Island, and that the handover was witr ssed by the indigenous peoples of Australia and New Zealand,

The pate ceremony and exhibition opening are the focus of a week of sporting, cultural and social activities taking place on Norfolk Island from 7- 14 November.



8 November 1993 MICIMA

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