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Explore the world beneath Australia's oceans

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Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson AM MP

Media Release

Explore the World Beneath Australia's Oceans

20 June 2012

Deep ocean data collected by Geoscience Australia has been used in a major national exhibition on Australia’s deep oceans now on at the Australian Museum.

The exhibition, Deep Oceans, features flythroughs of the Australian coastline, deep oceans, and the Australian Antarctic Territory which were created using the Geoscience Australia data.

Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson AM MP, said the deep ocean data collected by Geoscience Australia provides valuable information about Australia’s marine environments.

“Deep ocean data collected by Geoscience Australia assists the Australian Government to address challenges facing Australia’s marine environments and to make decisions on its management, including resource utilisation and environmental protection,” Minister Ferguson said.

“The recent proclamation of Australia’s extended continental shelf, which extends Australia’s marine estate by 2.56 million square kilometres, was underpinned by this deep ocean data.”

The second flythrough uses data that was collected offshore from the Australian Antarctic Territory as part of Geoscience Australia’s Antarctic Geoscience Project, which advises the Australian Government on management of the Antarctic environment under the Antarctic Treaty System and geoscience priorities in the Antarctic Science Program.

“The Antarctic flythrough provides a front row seat to view unseen seabed environments of the Australian Antarctic Territory, including volcanic knolls and submarine canyons,” Minister Ferguson said.

Geoscience Australia has also collected data that covers Australia’s western continental margin. The data features seafloor canyons off Western Australia, New South Wales and South Australia, including the Perth Canyon which is over 4000 metres deep, as well as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in northern Queensland.

The flythrough videos can be viewed and downloaded from Geoscience Australia’s website:

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