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Declaration of the poll: Berowra

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Philip Ruddock MP

Federal Member for Dundas Shadow Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs

2 April 1993



"We ran a very smooth campaign and were able to gain a positive swing, thanks to so many of you who worked so hard. It is unfortunate that on a national basis we did not receive the same result. It is important for us now to evaluate what went wrong and to work towards victory at the next occasion", Philip Ruddock MP said in addressing those who attended the Berowra Declaration of the Poll this morning.

"The national issues of concern have not gone away. We are still confronted with an ever increasing foreign debt, spiralling unemployment - and with a government who haven't yet outlined their plans to pull us out of recession."

Over forty local residents joined Berowra Federal Member Philip Ruddock and former MP Dr Harry Edwards at the declaration of the poll outside the Electoral Office in Burdett Street, Hornsby.

Divisional Returning Officer Lyn Puckeridge was unable to officially declare the poll due to 'excess leave credits', so the poll was officially declared by the Deputy Divisional Returning Officer, Carole Stewart.

The Berowra figures were as follows:

Gallagher 10 828

Ruddock 41 230 (55.22% of the vote)

Carr 1 116

Deane 21 492

Informal 1 954

TOTAL 76 620

(96.79 % of vote counted).

Philip Ruddock thanked the Berowra Returning Office for all of their hard work and their obvious commitment to "political impartiality" which is so necessary in the Australian electoral process.




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He thanked his fellow candidates, Dr Tim Carr (who was present), Mick Gallagher and Sue Deane. He also made special mention of his Campaign Director, Mr Lance Barrett, his Campaign Manager, Mr Niels Giddings and all those who assisted so capably in his local campaign.

"We lost the election due to our poor performances in Tasmania and New South Wales. We need to strive harder, especially in marginal areas of New South Wales to win seats. We need to build up the Party organisation to a point where we can influence the outcome in other areas. I will be working extremely hard to this end

over the next three years."

"In the Parliament I will support those policies of the Government which are right and which will assist in the recovery process. I also plan, along with my colleagues to make sure you are aware of their broken promises and mistakes."

"Thank you again for your support and for the opportunity to represent you in the Parliament", PhiIip Ruddock concluded.