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Transcript o interview: Seven Nightly News:14 April 2012

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Transcript - Seven Nightly News - Saturday, 14 April 2012 > Jamie Briggs MP > Media

Transcript - Seven Nightly News - Saturday, 14 April 2012 14 April 2012 in Media

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The Gillard Government has been accused of delaying crucial building works to the Lodge as it

does all it can to deliver a budget surplus next month. The building is in urgent need of repairs. The Opposition wants to know if the project is

being postponed for political reasons.


After housing prime ministers since 1927, the government announced last October the Lodge is no longer fit for the country's leader. The 85-

year-old building is in desperate need of repair.


If the Lodge were a patient, it would be in hospital.


The roof needs to be replaced, asbestos removed, the electrical system's been labelled a fire risk.

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Transcript - Seven Nightly News - Saturday, 14 April 2012 > Jamie Briggs MP > Media

It certainly will cost in the millions of dollars.


It's expected to take 18 months. For at least three months, Julia Gillard will be forced to live elsewhere. But despite talking up the urgency of the

repairs last year, Seven News has learnt work won't begin before the end of 2012. Tenders for the construction work closed just two days ago.

The Opposition believes the delay is linked to the Treasurer's promise to deliver a budget surplus.


You do have to wonder whether this is all part of Wayne Swan's smoke-and-mirror show.


Jamie Briggs also raised concerns about the government's ability to manage the renovations.


What this shows is the Labor Party can't manage anything.


The government says renovations to the heritage-listed house are still in the design phase, and until that's done, we won't know the exact time

frame for repairs or the final cost. (2 of 2) [20/06/2012 2:03:24 PM]