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9th anniversary of medicare - no celebrations

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Media Release


or Bob Woods

Shadow Minister for Health no:


The 9th anniversary of Medicare is no cause for celebration.

It entrenches nine! years of waiting lists.

Nine years of run-down hospitals.

Nine years of hospital bed closures.

Nine years of hospital closures,

The chronic Federal government under-funding of the Medicare hospital system is a national disgrace. It affects every single State in Australia. It pervades every level of society.

Medicare has sadly not lived up to its original aims and ideals which the Coalition supports. It has entrenched a two-tier system of health care where the poor and the elderly languish on waiting lists while those in wealthier groups are able to by-pass problems and purchase access to good health care.

This two-tier system is a tragedy.

Medicare urgently needs strengthening and revitalising and extra funding.

This will be achieved by the Coalition health policy. The way forward is to strengthen Medicare - not to continue to undermine it as the Federal Labor government has done.

The Federal Labor party is taking Medicare down the UK health system route. The UK health system is widely acknowledged to be one of the worst systems in the civilised world in terms of access and in terms of giving those in the disadvantaged and lower income groups good health. care.

The way for the future is the Coalition way with a system balanced between the public and private sectors with two healthy systems competing and complementing each other,


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