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Medicare levy changes to increase tax by $2 billion per year

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Shadow Minister for Health



The proposals for Medicare for the next term of a Labor Government, announced last week by George Gear, the Government Whip, will cost tax payers an average of $540.00 extra per year and raise around $2 billion in extra revenue for the Labor Government, announced Dr Bob Woods today, Shadow Minister for Health.

"The proposals put forward by Mr Goar and his document 'Medicare Mk 2 will also remove the freedom of choice from patients and introduce a 100% government monopoly on health, Dr Woods said.

"Bureaucrats will be making the important decisions about your health. They will decide which doctors will be allowed to practice in your area.

They will have a complete monopoly over hospital beds, if you don't like the treatment you get at your local hospital then that will be just tough • you will not be allowed any choice.

'' Medicare Mk 2' does nothing to address the waiting lists which the government admits are now up to 100,000 people, many of them waiting more that 2 years, and which, if a recent W,A. analysis holds true for the rest of Australia, should in fact be closer to 200,000 people.

'The bottom line with 'Medicare Mk 2' is:

1. Higher taxes - $2 billion extra per year

2. Loss of freedom of choice

3. Longer waiting lists

"The Government should come clean and tell the people of Australia the time-table for the implementation of these changes so that people can make a clear choice at the next election.

"On the one hand, under the Coalition:

1. shorter waiting lists, 2. subsidies of up to $800 per year to take out private health insurance of care, COMMONWEALTH 3. choice of health


For further Informs tlon oontact Dr Woods or I..elaa O'Comwr on 02 746 3200. Af i r hours rifact Dr Woods 02 744 1872 or LeiM O'Connor 02 707 63+43.


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no nood Lo pay over-the-top fees,

"Or under the Labor Govornment:

1. longer waiting lists, 2. higher taxes ($2 billion extra per year), 3. no choice for health care,

4. out-of-pocket expanses amounting across Australia to $650 million each year and rising.

"The choice is clear', Dr Woods said.

For further t formation contact Dr Wood' or Life O'Connor on 02 745 9200. After howl contact Dr Wood4 02 744 1872 or L.eiia O'Connor 02 797 6238.