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Speech at the launch of National Cyber Security Awareness Week, Melbourne.

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Launch of National Cyber Security Awareness Week

Federation Square, Melbourne Sunday, 6 June 2010


Good Morning Everyone, it’s a pleasure to be here. Can I start by acknowledging:

• My colleague the Hon. Robert McClelland MP, Attorney-General • Moira Cronin, Cyber-mum • Frerk-Malte Feller, Managing Director, PayPal Australia • Peter Coroneos, Chief Executive, Internet Industry Association • Neil Gaughan, Assistant Commissioner, Australian Federal Police, High Tech Crime


I wonder how many people in this room rely on the internet to do their banking or shopping … for reading or watching the news … or keeping in touch with family and friends?

I can admit, I use the internet for all those things and I’m never too far from my blackberry or i-Phone.

The roll-out of affordable, high-speed broadband as part of the National Broadband Network will further enhance our access to all of these functions which means the internet will become an even greater part of our lives.

Privacy issues have been topical recently, with police warning young people about putting their photos online or revealing too much about themselves.

While the internet delivers enormous benefits, it also requires us to be better informed about cyber security issues when we’re online, including protecting your privacy.

That’s exactly what the 2010 Cyber Security Awareness Week is all about.

About Cyber Security Awareness Week:

The theme for this year’s event is Protect yourself online,and throughout the week there will also be a focus on the growing number of devices Australians now use to access the internet.

These days, people don’t just use computers to go online - phones, game consoles, TVs and even fridges and photo frames can be connected to the internet.

What the Rudd Government wants to highlight over the coming week is for all Australians to recognise that wherever and whenever they go online, they need to protect themselves.

This includes protecting your internet connection, whether you’re using a wifi network or any other type of connection.

There are six simple steps to improve online security at home and at work:

• Install security software and update it regularly; • Turn on automatic updates so that all your software receives the latest fixes; • Get a stronger password and change it at least twice a year; • Stop and think before you click on links or attachments; • Stop and think before you share any personal or financial information—about yourself,

your friends or family; and • Know what your children are doing online. That is, make sure they know how to stay safe, and encourage them to report anything suspicious.

During Cyber Security Awareness Week there are events being held right across the country to raise awareness of cyber security issues and I encourage everyone to get involved.

ISP Code

Internet Services Providers are uniquely placed to assist their customers with cyber security issues.

The Rudd Government recognised this during last year’s Cyber Security Awareness Week when I launched the consultation process for an ISP Code of Practice on cyber security.

Now, one year on, I am happy to announce the launch of this Code of Practice.

The Code has been developed by the Internet Industry Association, in partnership with the Australian Government.

The Code is the first of its kind and provides a consistent approach to help inform, educate and protect customers in relation to cyber security issues.

A key element of the Code is the Australian Internet Security Initiative, which has been developed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

This is a voluntary initiative which provides information to participating ISPs about compromised computers on their networks, which allows them to assist computer owners to address the problem.

I’m pleased to announce that 78 ISPs have signed up to this initiative so far, covering more than 90 per cent of the Australian home user market.

Government initiatives

Stay Smart Online:

In addition to Cyber Security Awareness Week, the Rudd Government has put in place a range of other initiatives to limit online risks and fraud.

The Stay Smart Online website is a key part of the Government’s awareness-raising initiatives.

The website offers practical information, advice and simple steps Australians can take to protect themselves online.

It also provides a free subscription to a plain language alert service, which provides information to home users and small businesses on the latest cyber security threats and vulnerabilities, and possible solutions to address them.

I would urge everyone here today to sign up to that Alert Service.


At last year’s Awareness Week, I also launched a Cyber Security Education Package for school students.

The package, also known as budd:e, comprises two modules for students in primary and secondary school to help them adopt secure online practices.

The budd:e has proved extremely popular and recently won the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association’s Best Children’s award.

The budd:e modules can be accessed online via the Stay Smart Online website.


I would like to thank all of the partners who have contributed to this year’s Cyber Security Awareness Week.

We have seen a huge increase in partners, from 45 last year to more than 130 this year, and it is very encouraging that so many different organisations are committed to the week.

I would like to thank especially those partners who have been involved in the National Cyber Security Awareness Week Steering Committee.

This committee has helped to shape the messages, events and activities for the week, and it could not have happened without its support and commitment.

I have no doubt that many people here will use the internet today - whether you’re paying some bills, renewing a magazine subscription or catching up with friends.

The internet is a brilliant resource and it has enhanced our lives in many ways.

I encourage all Australians to get involved with Cyber Security Awareness Week and make sure that using the internet is a positive experience.

Events and activities are being held right across the country all week and the Stay Smart Online website has all the details.

On behalf of the Australian Government I have great pleasure in officially launching National Cyber Security Awareness Week.

Thank you.