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Innovate Australia: Computer bounty: creating jobs in information technology

The Government has passed legislation to extend the computer bounty.

"The decision reaffirms the Government's belief that the information technology industry is vital to Australia's future development," the Federal Industry Minister, Senator Peter Cook, said today.

The bounty supports the production of computing and related electronics equipment in a range of industries. It also allows consumers access to computer hardware at world prices.

The bounty is expected to inject around $250 million into the electronics sector during the next five years.

"This will create significant job opportunities in the critical electronics sector," Senator Cook said.

"The Government set the bounty at a rate of 8 per cent for one year, until 31 December 1996, then at 5 per cent - broadly in line with the general rate of tariff for manufacturing industries.

"Research and development will no longer be claimable under the bounty for production on or after 1 January 1996. The Government excluded RD from the bounty, given that there is already a comprehensive range of programs supporting RD in Australia.

"The computer bounty plays an important role in facilitating investment and value-added production in Australia - including the manufacturing of essential hardware, fundamental to the information age.

"And it is clear that a healthy and broad based hardware manufacturing capability underpins innovative software and services development.

Australians embrace technology, and by providing support for local manufacturing through the computer bounty, we will have access to locally manufactured electronic hardware at world prices.

"Australians will make the products for the global superhighway," Senator Cook said.


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