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Australia's largest fleet of green trucks.

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Martin Ferguson, AM, MP  Minister for Resources and Energy  Minister for Tourism 


Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism, Martin Ferguson, has unveiled Australia’s largest fleet of environmentally-friendly trucks, describing them as an innovative step to cut pollution in our cities and increase energy efficiency in the transport sector.

Speaking at today’s launch in Sydney, Minister Ferguson said truck fleets are the arteries of our national prosperity.

“Keeping transport costs down is important for competitiveness and productivity and this fleet will use less fuel and therefore lower operational costs,” Minister Ferguson said.

“As an express freight and logistics company, Star Track Express’ innovative practices make good business sense and I applaud them for being ahead of the game - this fleet will be good for the environment and good for business.

“By reducing fuel use by 15 per cent there is also a reduction in vehicle emissions, especially in start-stop traffic. That’s really important in our towns and cities where less noise pollution and improving our air quality is highly valued by the community,” he said.

Star Track Express has invested in 25 electric diesel hybrid trucks. The trucks are powered by an electric motor, cutting the noise and pollution produced by a typical combustion engine. The generator converts brake energy into electric energy and stores it in the battery. The engine stops when the gear is in neutral, ensuring that no fuel is wasted at traffic lights. The truck bodies are made in Australia and built onto the engine and chassis.

Minister Ferguson said a variety of alternative transport fuels and technologies is needed to address the environmental and energy security challenges ahead.

“By developing hybrids, plug-ins, biofuels and others, we cut emissions and improve our transport energy efficiency. It will also reduce our import bill. Australia has a trade deficit of nearly $16 billion in crude oil and refined products. That could grow close to $30 billion by


Australian Government support programs for alternative fuels include the LPG Vehicle Grants Scheme and the Green Car Innovation Fund. Seven successful projects will share $15 million under the Second Generation Biofuels Program which will focus on developing sustainable biofuels from algae, sugarcane, mallee and forest waste.

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