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New guidelines for Government grants.

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Media Release

38/2009 1 July 2009

The Rudd Government today released new guidelines that promote the consistent, transparent and accountable administration of Commonwealth grants.

Minister for Finance and Deregulation, Lindsay Tanner said the Commonwealth Grant Guidelines were part of the Rudd Government’s reforms to Commonwealth grant programs.

“Under the previous Government there were some systematic problems with the administration of Commonwealth grants,” Lindsay Tanner said.

“A decade in which the administration of grants was significantly debased culminated in November 2007 when the Auditor General published a highly critical report on the administration of the Regional Partnerships Program.”

“The Rudd Government is putting in place recommendations from that report and a range of other initiatives to improve the quality of grants administration and ensure Australian taxpayers receive the best possible outcomes from Commonwealth grants.”

The new guidelines provide a framework for the administration of grants by Commonwealth departments and agencies, and contain regulations that the approver of a grant - whether it is a Minister or official - must record the basis for approving the proposal.

“Approvals will only be given to spending proposals that demonstrate an efficient, effective and ethical use of Government resources and importantly, are in line with policies of the Commonwealth,” Lindsay Tanner said.

Under the guidelines, Ministers will be required to advise the Minister for Finance and Deregulation whenever they approve individual grants to organisations in their own electorates.

The Rudd Government’s reform agenda for grant programs has also mandated that agencies publish the details of individual grants on their website, in the interest of greater transparency. This requirement has been in place since 1 January 2009.

“Since coming into office, the Rudd Government has been undertaking a significant program of work to continuously improve accountability and transparency of government operations and finances,” Lindsay Tanner said.

“The reforms to Commonwealth grant programs are another example of our commitment to improving the standards of public administration.”

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New Guidelines for Government Grants

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