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Composition of the 43rd Parliament

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house of r epresentatives

the 2010 election saw the election of 29 new members to the h ouse of r epresentatives, together with the return of three Coalition members who did not retain their seats at the 2007 election, Warren e ntsch ( lnP, leichhardt, Qld), teresa g ambaro ( lnP, brisbane, Qld) and r oss Vasta ( lnP, bonner, Qld). t his new component constitutes approximately 20 per cent of the chamber. t his compares with 39 new members at the 2007 election (26 per cent of the chamber). of the 32 members who left the h ouse of representatives, 20 retired and 12 were defeated at the election.


of the 40 senators up for re-election, who will begin their terms on 1 July 2011, all but 12 were re-elected. s ix did not contest the election and six were defeated. the 12 new senators, including David fawcett (lP, sa) the former m ember for Wakefield from 2004 to 2007, will comprise approximately 16 per cent of the new s enate. t his compares with 14 new senators (18 per cent) after the 2007 election.


following the election, the number of women in the h ouse of r epresentatives has declined from 41 (27 per cent) to 37 (25 per cent). When the new senators take up their places on 1 July 2011, the number of women in the s enate will rise slightly from 27 (35 per cent) to 29 (38 per cent). o verall the number of women in Parliament will decline from 68 (30 per cent) to 66 (29 per cent). t he figure below illustrates trends in the number of women in the h ouse of r epresentatives since 1983.


the election produced a number of milestones:

the 43 • rd Parliament is the first hung Parliament since the election of 21 s eptember 1940. Julia g illard becomes the first elected female • Prime minister.

20-year old Wyatt r oy ( lnP, longman, Qld) • becomes the youngest member of the h ouse of r epresentatives since f ederation. t he previous youngest members of the h ouse of

representatives were e dwin Corboy ( alP, swan, W a), 22 years two months when elected

Composition of the 43rd Parliament martin l umb, Politics and Public a dministration s ection











1983 1984 1987 1990 1993 1996 1998 2001 2004 2007 2010

Total HoR women ALP NonALP

Number of women in the House of Representatives 1983-2010

in 1918, and a ndrew Jones ( lib, adelaide, sa ), 22 years six months when elected in 1966. ken Wyatt ( lib, hasluck, W a) becomes the • first indigenous member of the h ouse of

representatives. f ormer s enators n eville bonner ( lib, inD, Qld) and a den ridgeway ( aD, nsW) remain the only indigenous members elected to the upper house. ed husic (alP, Chifley, nsW) becomes •

the first m uslim elected to the h ouse of representatives. the election of a dam bandt ( greens, • melbourne, Vic.) marks the first time the g reens

won a seat in the h ouse of r epresentatives at a general election. m ichael o rgan ( greens, Cunningham, ns W) won at a by-election in 2002 but was subsequently defeated at the general election of 2004. the election of four i ndependents and one •

green to the h ouse of r epresentatives

constitutes the highest number of elected independent/minor party m Ps in the h ouse of representatives since 1996, when there were five i ndependents. the election of t ony Crook ( nationals, •

o’Connor, W a) marks the first time the party has held a Western a ustralian seat in the lower house since the departures of John h allett (Country Party, Canning, W a) and Donald maisey (Country Party, m oore, W a) in 1974. John m adigan (D lP, Vic) is the first successful •

Democratic l abor Party candidate since the n ovember 1970 half- senate election at which five D lP senators were elected. t hese senators served until the double dissolution of may 1974.

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