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Labor's plan for an Australian republic.

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Labor's plan for an Australian republic

Labor's plan for an Australian republic

Labor wants an Australian republic.

Labor supports democracy, independence and equality. We believe we are big enough, talented enough, and strong enough to determine our own destiny and place in the world.

An ageing monarchy on the far side of the globe has little relevance to our country and our identity now.

Labor believes in an Australian Republic because the very nature of a hereditary monarch is contrary to our belief in equality, and built on privilege rather than effort or talent. We want Australia to step out into our region in its own right and we want any Australian to know they have an opportunity to hold the highest public office in

the land.

Our great challenge now is to convince the community that a republic is not only good for our sense of identity, but also that it is worth changing our constitution.

Labor realises the push for a republic will not succeed if shaped by politicians, journalists and academics alone — it must be much broader.

Labor's new path to a republic will put all the key choices, at each stage, in the hands of the Australian people.

In the first 12 months of a Latham Labor Government we will hold a plebiscite to ask the simple question along the lines of — "do you want a republic with an Australian head of state?"

If the public say no, the debate is dead. If they say yes, we will hold a 2 nd plebiscite on the type of republic that Australians want — giving people options to choose from.

A plebiscite is a national, indicative vote. It is not binding but it is a way for the PM or the parliament to measure the community's view on any issue.

Having tested the water and found the republican model favoured by most Australians, Labor will then hold a referendum at the following federal election.

The beauty of this process is that every stage is in the hands of the public.

The path to an Australian republic is part of Labor's larger goal of reenergising Australia's civic institutions, and making Australian government more respected and more accessible.

Authorised by Tim Gartrell, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.