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Fairer, cheaper, cleaner: fixing Australia's energy system

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The old parties know that these problems exist, but they lack

the courage to stand up to the big energy companies and

State Governments to take cost pressure off Australians and

cut pollution.



These problems are complex but we need a cut-through

solution. That’s why we’re announcing our plan for an

independent Energy Savings Agency, which would work to

fix Australia’s energy network.

The Energy Savings Agency will have three priorities:

õ*Help Australians generate their own power with a fair price

for clean energy they produce, for example from rooftop

solar systems.

õ*Bring down power bills by achieving $1 billion in energy

savings every year, comprising of avoided network

investment and customer energy savings.

õ*Design a National Energy Efficiency Scheme, expanding

three existing state-based schemes to save energy and

money at home and work.

The Energy Savings Agency will make Australia’s energy system

fairer, cheaper and cleaner, and cut the pollution that drives

global warming. It will bypass major barriers to a better system,

and provide independent information, analysis, advocacy and

financial support for solutions, such as:


Demand for electricity in peak periods has led to unnecessary

spending on ‘poles and wires’, driving up power bills. Big energy

companies and several State Governments want to maximise

profit from their generators and distribution systems. Selling

less electricity is not in their interest. That is why reform of the

electricity market is too slow and why intervention is essential.

The Energy Savings Agency will urgently reduce the growth in

peak electricity demand by negotiating ambitious Peak Demand

Management targets with electricity network businesses,

to achieve the target of $1 billion per annum in energy savings.

To help achieve this, the Energy Savings Agency will manage

a $400 million per annum Demand Management Fund. The

Fund will quickly but cost-effectively moderate peak demand

by purchasing activities from third parties that reduce peak

demand, either by using less energy during peak hours, or by

shifting energy use to off-peak periods.



More than one million Australians have already installed solar

panels on their homes and businesses. Still more are taking

control of their energy with community renewables, wind

microturbines and more. In the current system, the big energy

companies are lobbying furiously against attempts to pay

them fairly and are often refusing to grant access to the grid,

because they have a strong incentive to discourage

independent generation.

The Energy Savings Agency will recommend the genuinely

fair prices that electricity retailers should offer for distributed

power generation. The Government will then be required to

either compel all electricity retailers to offer at least the rate

recommended by the Agency, or publish a comprehensive

statement of reasons why they have failed to do so.



The Greens’ plan for an independent Energy Savings Agency

Printed and authorised by Senator Christine Milne, Parliament House Canberra 2600 ACT.

Our electricity system is in bad shape. Power bills

have skyrocketed in recent years, mainly because

of unnecessary investment in new poles and wires.

Meanwhile, huge opportunities to save energy and

reduce ‘peak’ electricity demand have been ignored.

Around a quarter of a power

bill pays for infrastructure that

caters to peak demand for just

40 hours a year.