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Greens make end live exports priority for animal welfare initiative

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Greens make end live exports priority for animal welfare initiative

30 Aug 2013 | Lee Rhiannon

Animal Welfare

The Australian Greens today announced their animal welfare election priorities as ending live exports and

establishing an independent Office of Animal Welfare.

The Greens launched their animal welfare initiative at the Marrickville factory of Feather and Bone.

Greens spokesperson for animal welfare Senator Lee Rhiannon said, “We appreciate the opportunity to launch

the Greens commitment to animal welfare at Feather and Bone.

“The practices of this company in opening up to the public details of the animal’s life from farm to dinner plate

are a critical driver in improving animal welfare and farming practices. I believe their work sets out standards

that could be developed around the country.

“The government needs to change its management of animal welfare. We need an Office of Animal Welfare

independent of the Department of Agriculture to ensure conflicts of interest that compromise welfare over profit

are removed.

“I will reintroduce the Greens bills to end the live export trade and set up the independent Office of Animal

Welfare when parliament resumes.

“The government’s ESCAS model is a failed and unworkable system as the humane slaughter of Australian

animals cannot be controlled from a desk in Canberra. This regulatory system has not stopped the appalling

treatment of exported animals as witnessed in numerous news reports.

“The Office that the Greens are proposing will be guided by the advice of an Animal Welfare Advisory Committee

including experts in animal welfare, consumer groups, scientists and ethicists.

“On-going funding for the Office will be come from the budget of the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and

Forestry’s Animal Welfare Branch,” Senator Rhiannon said.

Greens Grayndler candidate Hall Greenland said, “How we treat animals reflects our values as a society, and my

experience is that people want animals to be treated more humanely.

“The live export trade is cruel. What the Greens are proposing will help end the suffering and is a sustainable

alternative for the industry.

“The answer to the live export trade is the substitution of chilled boxed meat exports to our overseas markets.

“Developing the highly successful chilled meat export industry will boost the Australian cattle industry by

providing greater market certainty, increased employment as well as improved animal welfare.

“Animal welfare is regularly raised with me when I am door knocking so I am sure the people of Grayndler will

welcome this policy”, Hall Greenland said.

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