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National Health Reform Amendment (National Health Performance Authority) Bill 2011

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National Health Reform Amendment

(National Health Performance Authority) Bill 2011



Schedule of the amendments made by the Senate






(1)     Govt (1) [Sheet BX212]

Schedule 1, item 130, page 38 (lines 25 to 31), omit section 78.

(2)     Opp (1) [Sheet 7142]

Schedule 1, item 130, page 50 (after line 8), after section 109, insert:

109A  Review of the Performance Authority

             (1)  The Minister must cause an independent review of the Performance Authority to be undertaken no later than 12 months after the commencement of this section.

             (2)  The review must examine the operation and the effectiveness of the Performance Authority and provide a written report of the review to the Minister.

             (3)  The review must include an opportunity for members of the public and health care professions to make written submissions.

             (4)  The review must be completed within 6 months of the commencement of the review.

             (5)  The Minister must cause a copy of a report prepared under subsection (2) to be laid before each House of Parliament within 5 sitting days after the day on which he or she receives the report.






Rosemary Laing

Clerk of the Senate



The Senate

19 September 2011