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Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Amendment Bill 2006

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Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Amendment Bill 2006



Schedule of the amendments made by the Senate






(1)     Clause 2, page 3 (table item 20), omit “201A”, substitute “201”.

(2)     Schedule 1, page 7 (after line 25), after item 4B, insert:

4BA  Subsection 3(1) (subparagraph (a)(ii) of the definition of intending miner )

Omit “exploration retention lease or exploration retention licence, or has made an application for the grant of such a lease or licence”, substitute “exploration retention licence, or has made an application for the grant of an exploration retention licence”.

(3)     Schedule 1, item 46, page 22 (line 20), omit “person”, substitute “approved entity”.

(4)     Schedule 1, item 46, page 24 (lines 15 to 20), omit section 19B.

(5)     Schedule 1, item 61, page 33 (after line 15), after paragraph 28(3)(b), insert:

                   (ba)  section 19A (about grant of township leases);

(6)     Schedule 1, page 60 (after line 29), after item 124C, insert:

124D  Subsection 46(1)

Omit “exploration retention lease (whether that licence or lease”, substitute “exploration retention licence (whether that exploration licence or exploration retention licence”.

(7)     Schedule 1, item 189, page 71 (line 28), omit “, (13)”.

(8)     Schedule 1, item 192, page 74 (line 16) to page 75 (line 9), omit subsections 67A(12) and (13), substitute:

           (12)  This subsection applies in relation to an application:

                     (a)  that was made under section 50 before the commencement of this subsection by or on behalf of Aboriginals claiming to have a traditional land claim to qualifying land (whether or not recommendations of the kind referred to in subparagraph 50(1)(a)(ii) have been made and whether or not the application covers other land); and

                     (b)  that was given the land claim number prescribed by the regulations.

The traditional land claim is taken to have been finally disposed of:

                     (c)  to the extent that it relates to qualifying land that is described in the regulations; and

                     (d)  on the day on which the regulations take effect.

           (13)  To avoid doubt, if regulations are made for the purposes of subsection (12) in relation to a particular application, then later regulations may also be made for the purposes of that subsection in relation to that application.

(9)     Schedule 1, item 192, page 75 (line 10), omit “subsections (12) and (13)”, substitute “subsection (12)”.

(10)   Schedule 1, item 192, page 75 (line 17) to page 76 (line 13), omit subsections 67A(15) and (16).

(11)   Schedule 1, item 193, page 78 (lines 8 and 9), omit “Aboriginals claiming to have the traditional land claim”, substitute “traditional Aboriginal owners of the area of land, or the part of the area of land, referred to in subsection (2)”.

(12)   Schedule 1, item 201A, page 80 (lines 14 to 19), omit the item.

(13)   Schedule 1, item 202, page 80 (line 24), omit “a person”, substitute “the Secretary of the Department, or an SES employee or acting SES employee in the Department,”.

(14)   Schedule 1, item 202, page 80 (lines 27 to 30), omit subsection 76(1A).

(15)   Schedule 1, item 228, page 91 (lines 8 and 9), omit “, (9), (12) and (13)”, substitute “and (9)”.







Clerk of the Senate



The Senate

17 August 2006