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Customs Legislation (Willett Review of Anti-Dumping Measures) Amendment Bill 1997

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Customs Legislation (Willett Review of Anti-Dumping Measures)

Amendment Bill 1997


(Senator Shayne Murphy)






This Bill provides a number of measures for the implementation of the recommendations arising from the Willett Inquiry into Australia’s Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Measures.


Mr Laurie Willett AO was commissioned by the Government to do the inquiry on 25 June, 1996 and reported on 6 September, 1996.


Clause 1 provides that the title of the Act will be Customs Legislation (Willett Review of Anti-Dumping Measures) Amendment Act 1997.


Clause 2 provides that the Act commences on the day it receives Royal Assent.


Clause 3 provides that the Customs Act 1901   and the Anti-Dumping Authority Act 1988   are amended or repealed as indicated in the schedules.


Clause 4 provides that the amendments made by this Act apply to applications made after commencement of the Act.


The key features of the Bill provide for a reduction in the number of days for dealing with anti-dumping applications from 215 days to a maximum of 155 days from date of initiation of the investigation (items 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11).


The Bill will allow for the application of provisional measures as early as 60 days.  (Item 8).


There will be a new requirement and timetable for the provision of information and submissions by interested parties (items 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).


Item 13 proposes a number of new sections (sections 269TDAA to 269TDAF).


Section 269TDAA deals with the process of making a final finding in relation to an anti-dumping application, including the establishment of a Review Panel whose purpose it is to review the draft final finding and the evidence on which it was based.


Section 269TDAB deals with the making of a statement of essential facts and requiring the statement to be placed on the public record on the same day as the preliminary finding.



Sections 269TDAC to 269TDAF deal with the continuation of dumping notices and are based on the existing sections of the Anti-Dumping Authority Act 1988.


Items 14 to 23 are consequential amendments.


Schedule 2 of the Bill repeals the Anti-Dumping Authority Act 1998 ,  thereby abolishing the Anti-Dumping Authority.







A saving of approximately $2 million per annum will occur as a result of the abolition of the Anti-Dumping Authority.