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Export Market Development Grants (Repeal and Consequential Provisions) Bill 1997

House: House of Representatives

Portfolio: Trade

Commencement: The Act commences on 1 July 1997


The purpose of this Bill is to repeal the Export Market Developments Grants Act 1974 ( Act) and to provide that certain approvals granted under the Act continue as if made under the Export Market Development Grants Bill 1997 ( Bill).


Reference should be made to the Background contained in the Digest of the Bill.

Main Provisions

Clauses 4 to 14 are transitional provisions which provide for the following to continue as if made or done under the Bill:

approval of a person as an approved body, trading house, or approved joint venture ( clause 5)

any guidelines created in respect of approval of trading houses ( clause 6)

pending applications for approval as an approved body, trading house, or approved joint venture ( clause 7)

invitations to make submissions as to why an approval should not be cancelled and submissions received in response to such an invitation ( clause 8)

determinations limiting the number of members of approved joint ventures ( clause 9)

registration as a claimant ( clause 10)

determinations formulating grants entry tests ( clause 11)

the taking of grants entry tests ( clause 12)

decision making principles established by Austrade in respect of exempting claimants from the change of ownership provisions ( clause 13)

Schedule 1 deals with the repeal of the Act. Item 1 repeals the Act. Item 2 continues the Act in respect of matters outstanding at 1 July 1997.

Schedule 2 makes a number of minor consequential amendments to the Australian Trade Commission Act 1985 primarily to substitute '1997' for '1974' in the title of all references to the Export Market Development Grants Act 1974.