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Beef Production Levy Bill 1990

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House: House of Representatives

Portfolio: Primary Industries and Energy


To impose a levy on the slaughter at an abattoir of cattle for human consumption.


Refer to the Digest for the Cattle Transaction Levy Bill 1990.

Main Provisions

The Bill will have effect from 1 January 1991 (clause 2).

The Cattle and Beef Levy Collection Bill 1990 is to be read as one with this Bill (clause 3).

`Abattoir' is defined in clause 4 to be a place where cattle are slaughtered for human consumption.

`Hot carcase weight' is defined in clause 4 to be the weight of a carcase weighed within 2 hours of slaughter.

A levy will be imposed on the slaughter at an abattoir of cattle for human consumption. A levy will not be imposed on the slaughter of cattle which are not fit for human consumption (clause 5).

The rate of levy will be $0.0217 per kilogram of each head of cattle slaughtered, or a prescribed amount up to $0.05 per kilogram of each head of cattle slaughtered (clause 6).

The levy will be payable by the person who owns the carcase immediately after its hot carcase weight is determined (clause 7).

The Governor-General may make regulations, including regulations prescribing the rate of levy (clause 8).

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